I. Introduction of concept
            a. Parent/child interaction and child development
            b. Children and interactive technologies

II. Child development and parental separation
            a. Learning disabilities
            b. Self-esteem
            c. Benefits of parental involvement

III. Communication and development through play
            a. With peers
            b. With parents

IV. Applications of technology with children
            a. Previous research and findings
            b. Current research and findings
            c. Pros and cons

  1. Is technology detrimental to early childhood development?
  2. How much technology should children be exposed to?
  3. Alternative forms of interactivity.


V. Using robotics as a form of social media with young children
            a. Remote communication technology and children
            b. Ease of use and adaptability
            c. Parental interaction

VI. Testing
            a. Observations and short-term results
            b. Issues and refinements
            c. Additional testing with refinements

V. Conclusions
            a. Final testing results
            b. Hypothesized, long-term benefits