Design Strategy

The basic idea is to create an interactive storybook that will help acclimate the users and thus guide them through basic movements of the device. This will in essence act as a tutorial for both the child and parent to allow them to better understand the controls of the device. The storybook, built using Adobe Flash, will allow the user to control various aspects of the device through the use of a guided narrative. As they understand how their actions control the movement it will become more intuitive and thus allow for more freeform play as the story progresses. Once the storybook is finished the user should have a firm grasp of controlling the device and can thus use it for more freeform play. If needed the user can still use the storybook but it would not be necessary for them to continue using it if it hampers the overall communicability they experience with their child.


Phase 5

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After more development I decided to move away from the Build-A-Bear body and create an original stuffed bear. The reason behind this was two-fold; the Build-A-Bear body is owned by Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. and thus may cause me some legal issues. The second reason was creating my own "skin" would allow for a freer range of motion so that there is less strain on the servomotors and more expressive movements.

I have begun to create a GUI in Adobe Flash as well for the bear controls in the form of an interactive stroybook. This will allow for a more intutive experience for both child and parent users as well as allow for a more immersive experience for both parties.

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