Spring 2014- Conclude testing. Finish written component. Present final thesis project and paper for review. Conclude project.

Winter 2014- Continue thesis paper. Complete visual component. 45- hour review. Consultations with in-field professionals.Continune with testing and assemble surveys. Assemble thesis review committee and enroll in ITGM790.

Winter Break 2013-14- 2nd draft of thesis paper. Continue testing. Assemble additional research if needed. Refined prototype with an original shell for body.

Fall 2013- Continue user testing and observations. Refine research and work on 1st draft of thesis paper. Continue to refine visual presentation.

Summer 2013- Prototype built. Testing and research has begun. Revise prototype. Continue with testing and research.

Spring 2013- 45- hour review. Begin to develop user testing team. Developed working prototype.

Winter 2013- Began research on paper and developed prototype visual component. Refined thesis statement and abstract.