Thesis Statement
Communication technologies can sometimes be difficult for children to understand both through conceptualization and technological limitations. I propose developing an interactive toy to help facilitate communication by including distance play technology between children and significant adults in their lives.

Thesis Abstract
Children separated from a parent or parents, especially from military famlies, deal with various emotional and social issues such as separation anxiety and learning difficulties. Although current technologies allow for communication over great distances, these methods often fall short or are difficult to use, especially for young children. One way to help alleviate these issues is through communication with the separated parent. “The formation of secure attachments with significant adults is critical for sound development during the early years and forms a secure foundation that impacts future development across the life span. All areas are interrelated, thus when children thrive socially…and emotionally…they usually thrive physically…and cognitively. Thus it is helpful if both parents are a part of the early stages of development.” (“U.S. Army Deployment Support Handbook: Children and Youth” 37) By developing an interactive toy that allows for communication between the separated parent and the child, the child will be more able to communicate and play in a meaningful manner with the separated parent and thus enrich their development and relationship. This will allow for a more psychologically sound and confident child resulting in reduced trauma for both child and parent.

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